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 Pokepalace Rules

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PostSubject: Pokepalace Rules   Pokepalace Rules Icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 10:33 pm

1: First comes first, respect your fellow members. No offensive language or bad behavior will be accepted. Users who are caught in the act of swearing or aggravating other members will immediately be warned. When it comes to developing an argument, explain the case to a moderator or an administrator right away before the situation becomes out of hand. If we notice a one on one argument that crosses the line, we will consider consequences.

2: Members will be banned right away for offensive sexual preferences, links, pictures, etc. Keep all posts appropriate.

3: No spamming. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum; you will be warned once and only once. If we notice a streak of spamming, you will be banned. When advertising this site, advertise in an appropriate way, as this can result in a warning as well.(this also counts for spamming smileys as long as you don't fill you post completely with them)

4: Make sure to use your spelling and grammar to the best of your ability, various mistakes in posts will lead to a warning, and further problems can lead to temporary banning.

5: Hacked pokemon in the forums are strictly forbidden. Make sure when using a pokemon in battles or trades that they are 100 % legit, or at least if they are hacked you inform your trader. If we hear from any member that you are using hacked and cheated pokemon in battles, or you are lying to an Admin or a moderator, you will be banned. Make sure your Pokémon are legitimately obtained before using them. If you just received a pokemon from the GTS or a friend, and you are not sure if they are legit, ask an admin or moderator and they will gladly check for you.

*Admins and mods can be very nice people, but they will only tolerate a member to a certain extent. Show respect at ALL times in the forums.
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Pokepalace Rules
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