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 Vampire Slayer. (is putting it on so i can write at school.)

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Vampire Slayer. (is putting it on so i can write at school.) Empty
PostSubject: Vampire Slayer. (is putting it on so i can write at school.)   Vampire Slayer. (is putting it on so i can write at school.) Icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 6:55 am


The bell had gone at least twenty minutes early, it took a little while for us to figure out it was continuous, a lockdown. We hadn't been informed that there was a drill but we still didn't remain quiet, we sat under the desks and joked and laughed about what might be in the school. A few crashes silenced us all however, when sounds started coming from outside the classroom.
"Whats going on?" My friend Uyana asked me. I gave a feeble shrug as I stared at the door, willing it to stay closed. It didn't though as it suddenly flew off it's hinges, screams echoed through the room as the door slid over the nearest desk and landed on the floor. A man rolled across the floor and stopped at my feet, I was to frightened to scream or to move as I realised he was still moving, still concious even after that. Uyana scrambled away as quickly as she could but I was trapped.
"Violet!" She screamed as she quickly became aware that she had left her best friend behind. The guy looked at me and now a scream left my mouth as I tried to flatten myself agains't the desk. He smilied at me and took my wrist before dragging me up off the floor. There were more people around me, they all looked like him. In front of me was another group of people, they held swords and daggers and were scowling at the people around me.
"Let her go!" A guy holding a sword yelled out.
"Let us go and we'll leave her be!" The guy holding me said, I shook my head vigourously, they had vowed to leave me alone but not my friends. A dagger flew over my head and stabbed one of the woman in between the eyes. A yell went up from the people around me and then I heard a cry that chilled me to the bone.
"VAMPIRE!" At that moment I felt the guy holding me sink his teeth into my neck. I screamed and then I fell to the ground, writhing in pain. I had taught myself my whole life how to push away pain and now I did it again, I didn't think the guys with the knives could stop all of the Vampires. Without exactly realising what was happening I felt my body morph, my skin grew paler, my hair grew darker but my eyes were closed.
"Can you hear your heart beat slowing?" I hadn't realised it but there was a vampire beside me.
"Your dieing." He stated matter-of-factly, I gripped my stomach and fought against the venom with everything I had.
"What? Your heart is getting stronger!" I felt the vampire stumble back, afraid. The fight had stopped at that exclaimation and now everyone stood, silent, watching me and my silent fight. Suddenly, the pain stopped and slowly, gracefully, I picked myself up from the ground. I looked like a vampire but all the vampires could still hear my beating heart. At that moment I flickered open my eyes, the slayers stumbled backwards in shock and the vampires didn't quite know what to think. My eyes were purple, how could that be? I stood for a few seconds before, moving as a blur, I attacked the ramining vampires. Biting down on a womans neck I learn't that I didn't create vampires, I destroyed them, and that was proven when she burst into a cloud of dust.

Post 1

I'd been running for days now... I mean literally running. At first I thought I just didn't need sleep but now I realised that I still had my normal human problems just slowed down by the venom. I was starting to tire, I needed to find a place to stay but I was frightened, how do I live life as... whatever the heck I was? After killing the vampires I had fled the school, even more frightened about what my friends would think. I skidded to a stop and put my hands on my knees, breathing heavily.
"You alright?" A little girls hand was tugging at the end of my pants. I looked down at her and the girl only flinched at my strange eyes. I scanned her over and realised she was homeless, asking someone if they needed a family.
"I'm lost." I said simply, smiling at her. Her eyes widened and her lips moved into a line but she didn't attempt to move away, I quickly realised my mistake and covered my fangs.
"I'm sorry, I'm still getting used to them." I knelt beside her.
"My names Violet, whats yours?" The girl shrugged and then smilied at me.
"You give me name?" She questioned and I noticed that, under the dirt, her cheeks had gone a nice rosy colour.
"How about Rose?" I questioned and Rose nodded enthusiastically.

"Where am I?" I questioned, becoming aware that I was standing in the middle of a village.
"You in Newa, me show around?" I smilied again, this time making sure my fangs were covered, and followed her around, Rose told me what life was like in Newa, I had ended up in a poverty village.
"Who runs this place?" I asked Rose, she pointed to my mouth and muttered.
"I think you one o' them. We call Fangs, you nice, you not one o' them. No join them, Violet, you nice Fang. You help us." I learnt at that point that vampires ran the village, and once everyday people were offered up to them, to keep them from attacking and killing the whole village. It was why Rose was nameless and on the streets, the vampires had killed her parents.
"Meet family?" Rose suddenly asked and then I was being pulled through the streets, Rose pulling on my hand. I laughed and walked beside her, holding Roses hand.
"Women?" Rose started pointed at the cramped houses around me and I looked around. Women were watching me as I walked through the streets my hand in a little girls.
"You get away from that girl!" I suddenly heard, spinning around a woman threw a knife at me. I ducked and, without thinking, I pulled Rose close to me, instinct to protect her but now the woman was frightened.
"Please let her go!" The woman pleaded, I was confused for a second before I realised what I did wrong.
"Oh.. Oh! I'm so sorry Miss, please I didn't mean to." I let go of Rose.
"Go, go to the woman." I tried to push Rose towards the woman but Rose clung to my neck.
"You like Fang but me hear heartbeat. Woman wrong." I looked up at the woman, my eyes pleading but now she was just msiling at me.
"Come inside, come inside. To gain the trust of a street child like that, especially when your half-fang..."
"PLease, I'm not half-fang... I don't even know what I am!" I insisted as Rose tugged me into the house.

Rose ran through the house with a smile on her face. I heard other children laughing in the backroom but the woman turned me towards the kitchen, where she was cooking dinner.
"Could You tell about the vampires?" I asked tentatively. The woman pulled a hard face and turned towards me.
"WHy do you have a heartbeat?" I was taken aback, apparently this was the reason that I had been invited in.
"I'm not entirely sure, one minute I was on the ground writhing in pain and then I felt like I could wrestle with a fully grown elephant. It was strange. Although I did figure out that when I bite a vampire they poof into dust." I smilied at her shocked expression.
"I think I'm the first of my species." I muttered a bit unsure now.
"Well if you kill vampires you can free our village can't you?" I looked up at the woman, my eyes shining.
"I'd love to free a village if it'd help Rose." I said, feeling excitement building in my stomach.
"Is that what you named her? Street children follow you around like a puppy if you name them." I smilied at her and shrugged.
"I have no problem with her following me around. Shes a sweet girl." Suddenly about six children, the oldest was my age, walked in.
"Hey Ma, can we go out and play?" He asked glancing slightly at me. The woman stared at me and said firmly
"No you are to stay indoors." Apparently I was to challenge the Vampires right now. Gulping I turned to Rose and she jumped unexpectantly into my lap.
"Where are we going?" She asked, my eyes widened and I looked at her.
"To kill the fangs." I said, expecting her to recoil in fright.
"Cool!" Rose jumped off my lap and jumped up and down, clapping her hands in excitement. I sighed, this better not get ugly.


Rose was a very good guide. She lead me right up to where the vampires lived, it was a large white mansion but a shadow hung over it which sent shivers up my spine. I breathed heavily and looked down at Rose.
"Are you sure you want to come?" I questioned, worried. Rose gave a quick nod and I noticed that her hair was so dirty you couldn't tell what colour it was and it was incredibly tangeld. Making a mental note to cut Roses hair I grabbed her hand, pulled her onto my back and we ran into the vampires mansion.

I had killed about ten vampires by the time I reached what Rose said was the main Fang room. I wanted to ask Rose how she knew this but thought better than it.
"Stay out of the way." I commanded her and flung the door open. It was knocked off it's hinges and I flinched, I hadn't meant to make such an entrance but I hadn't yet gained control of my strength.
"WHat are you doing?" I looked up to see the room filled with pale bodies. I raised my head and looked one of them directly in the eye.
"Her eyes are purple!" The screech went up and I dove for the vampire, sinking my teeth into his muscly neck.

"Violet?" Roses tentative question soaked into my brain halting my killing frenzy.
"Rose! Get out of the...." Too late! Half of the vampires in the room came onto Rose, for her blood smelt as sweet as her. I stood rooted to the spot, not really watching as I felt a power rise inside my belly. I felt my fangs grow longer with the force of it, my nails sharpened and hardened and my pupils slit, like a snakes. I was full vampire. A faint purple glow appeared around me and with the second the vampires around Rose were thrown and pinned against the walls without so much as a tap from me. I was telekentic.
"Rose!" I cried running over to her. Rose had several bites and she was writhing in pain but somehow I knew what to do. I knelt over Rose and sunk my own teeth into her flesh, I felt the venom enter her and Rose stopped writhing and started changing. Her face grew paler and her lips grew redder but there was nothing much else the change could do. At that point I stopped watching and turned to the vampires.
"Your dead!" I cried and the frenzy started again. After a few minutes Rose dragged herself up off the floor and joined me.

"That fun! Can do again?" I looked into Roses purple eyes and laughed.
"Can we do it again. Not yet but soon, we have to find some Vampires to kill first." I told her suddenly the smile on Roses face disappeared and I searched with my telekentic powers for what she'd seen (my powers weren't physical; I plunge into peopls mind and control them from there)
It's alright Rose. He's an animal eater." I turned around to look and the little ten year old facing us.
"It is true, you are the purple eyes." The boys face brightened, then shaded.
"I have a friend who may be able to teach you how to control yourselves?" The boy questioned and I looked at Rose. She nodded enthusiastically.
'All right, but if this is a trick.." I warned glaring at him.
"No, no trick. My name is Zyad. What is yours?" I smilied and looked at Rose again, she tilted her head at me quizzically.
"Violet and Rose Vanquise." I said without hesitation, Roses face lit up and she hugged me.

Post two

Zyad led us through a small maze and I was quickly lost, Rose was holding on to the back of my shirt as we ducked and weaved through twisted metal.
"Were almost there, you're going to love it." Zyad yelled to us as he pushed open a car door. We all crawled through it and I was shocked into stillness. We had been making our way through a junk yeard for the past hour but now we stood in the middle os a paradise. A small creek ran through the middle of a large green paddock, trees and other plants were growing everywhere, vines had twisted aroung all the metal so it didn't even look like a junk yeard.
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Vampire Slayer. (is putting it on so i can write at school.)
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